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Who is The Bay Area Lute Group?

The Bay Area Lute Group is a loose conglomeration of lute players encompassing a wide range of skill and experience, and is the Northern California Chapter of the Lute Society of America. From nearly absolute beginners to the the more advanced and semi-professional (meaning you are sometimes lucky enough to get paid!), this group marks a resurgence of interest in this amazing but lesser-known instrument.


What is the Purpose of These Pages?

  • To promote the lute.
  • To promote lute playing with other lutenists.
  • To promote lute playing in public, at parties, and with other musicians and dancers.
  • To study its history, to learn its techniques and secrets from visiting masters as well as local Early Music Maistros.
  • To coordinate master classes and lessons and seminars.
  • To share music and knowledge and camraderie.